Fitness Requirements


Rock Climbing can be a physically challenging activity. We will choose climbing routes that are suitable to your fitness level and experience. As you develop skill, you may climb routes of increasing difficulty. In the meantime, to prepare for the best climbing experience we recommend focusing on overall fitness. Activites like running, swimming, yoga and weightlifting can help you build general strength and stamina, as well as balance and the mental fortitude to push through difficulties.


First and foremost, it is imperative that you inform your guide of all your medical history and current physical condition. This information helps your guide to make informed decisions about your program, and in the event of an emergency, potentially life-saving decisions. Our programs operate in remote locations where advanced medical care and evacuation may not be available for hours.

If you have any long-term side-effects from past injuries or illness please include these in your medical history. Any current injuries or conditions that could impact your performance should be disclosed, as well as a list of all medications that you are taking. Any asthma or allergies to food, animals or the environment should be included in your form.


Though it is relatively uncommon to have rain at Smith Rock, we do experience all types of weather during our rock climbing trips. We can usually wait out the short squalls that are characteristic of Spring in the High Desert. In the rare event that we will be unable to climb due to inclement weather your guide will contact you directly to discuss your options.


Climbing is a dangerous activity. While our job is to guide you through the technical activities, our guides cannot completely shield you from every possible hazard. Each person who enters a natural area like Smith Rock or the other locations that we guide must recognize that there are inherent hazards. Not all of those hazards can be mitigated or avoided in the course of rock climbing. Some hazards may be unobvious. Climbing is a fun sport that challenges the mind and body. It also has the potential to injure and kill. Therefore every participant should take personal responsibility for looking out for the well-being of the entire group, and exercising care throughout the climb.