Smith Rock’s Climbing Seasons

Smith Rock State Park is truly a year-round climbing area. There aren’t too many places that truly boast year-round access to great rock climbing.

For the rock enthusiast, mid-winter can be a great time to climb at Smith Rock State Park on clear days. In fact, most of the locals prefer to climb in the winter at the park. Down in the canyon, temperatures can often be twenty to thirty degrees warmer than in the nearby town of Redmond, providing surprising relief from what felt like winter just a few hours ago.

In the spring, the Crooked River is at its highest and we begin to see the normally drab foliage of the Central Oregon Desert turn green. With long days of sunshine, we might begin climbing in the sun on a crisp morning, only to be chasing shade later in the day. When it is raining on the west slopes of the Cascades, it is often dry and sunny here. Springtime at Smith Rock should not be missed.

Summer is hot, but our typically early starts allow us to hide out in the shade until mid-afternoon, when a cool drink and swim somehow seem like a better choice. One of the greatest features of Smith Rock is that we can find climbing routes that face every direction. This allows us to find the sun or the shade on any given day.

Autumn is arguably the best time to visit Smith Rock State Park for the rock climber. The reliably clear weather is hard to beat and the heat of summer is long gone. With most of the mountain routes out of condition it is the time of year to focus on rock climbing. These excellent weather conditions can often last until Thanksgiving.

Whatever time of year you choose to climb, we can help you choose a challenging and rewarding climbing trip to meet your goals. Whether its winter, spring, summer or fall, you’ll find a wealth of fantastic climbing opportunities in Oregon.