Gym-to-Crag Clinic

Smith Rock State Park | 1 day

Gym-to-Crag clinics are for gym climbers who are experienced with gym climbing, and have perhaps even climbed a bit outdoors. In this clinic you'll build on the foundation of skills that you've built in the gym, and learn to translate those into an outdoor setting where the    …course details

Family Rock Climbing

Smith Rock State Park | 1 day

Rock climbing as a family can be a very rewarding experience. It builds trust and confidence and is a fun adventure to have as a family. Kids are naturally interested in climbing and with the right instruction they can have a truly memorable experience. Our guides work    …course details

Introduction to Rock Climbing – 2 Days

Smith Rock State Park, Red Rocks area by request only | 2 days

The best way to learn to climb is to spend a couple of days doing it. On this multi-day course you’ll climb in multiple areas and experience more types of rock and movement. Being engaged in your climbing for a few days in a row will help you improve your technique and learn    …course details

Rock Climbing Skills Seminar – 3 days

Smith Rock State Park | 3 days

Looking to fully immerse yourself in the sport of rock climbing?  Our three day course is a comprehensive rock climbing seminar in the world class climbing venue, Smith Rock State Park. The access to over 1,800 sport and trad climbs within a short hike from the car means we    …course details

Learn to Lead Climb Seminar – 2 days

Smith Rock State Park | 2 days

Want to get that top-rope out of your face? This two day seminar is designed for the climber that already has a solid grasp on belaying and and top rope climbing who has the desire to become a competent lead climber. Learning to lead climb will give you the ability to climb    …course details

Alpine Rock Climbing

Smith Rock State Park | 2 days

When the weather heats up, rock climbers head to elevation to beat the heat. Alpine rock climbing takes your cragging skills to the next level, requiring solid movement skills in 4th and low-5th class rock, and employs a rope for short belays and steeper more difficult    …course details

Basic Rock Climbing Course

Smith Rock State Park | 1 day

Basic rock climbing is for beginners who want to learn to rock climb, and for intermediate climbers who want to practice movement skills and learn new techniques from our professional climbing guides in the world-class climbing venue of Smith Rock State Park. Our rock    …course details

Intermediate Rock Climbing Course

Smith Rock State Park | 1 day

Take your rock climbing skills  and technique to the next level with the Intermediate Rock Climbing Course. You and your guide will find routes to expand your abilities - generally longer and more difficult climbs than you've done in the past. You'll also learn about rock    …course details

One Day Lead Climbing Course

Smith Rock State Park, Portland Area by request only | 1 day

Learning to lead climb is the culmination of skills within the discipline of rock climbing. This course has been designed to teach the basics of leading to climbers who already have a solid foundation of movement skills and rope-management. It is ideal for climbers who have    …course details

Climber Self Rescue Course

Smith Rock State Park | 1 day

What will you do if your ropes get stuck during a rappel? What if your partner can't pull through the crux, several pitches up a route? A problem as simple as dropping your belay device can turn a good day at the crag, into a long day. Our Climber Self Rescue Course is    …course details