Trip Preparation

Rock Climbing is a demanding activity and is a very serious undertaking. The more prepared you are, the more enjoyable your trip will be. Being physically fit is very important, and can make dealing with hazards less dangerous. All participants must be free of medical or physical conditions which could create undue risk to themselves or to others that depend on them. Our programs operate in remote locations where advanced medical care and evacuation may not be available for hours or days.

Weather is often unpredictable and may disrupt climbing. The High Desert environment can be very changeable, and you must be prepared for any weather. At Smith Rock it is possible to be too hot one minute, and cold the next.

You must prepare yourself mentally and physically for the many challenges. It will all be worthwhile.

Do I really need all the items on the equipment list?

Yes. We have selected the gear required for your program with great care in the hope that we will be prepared for any weather conditions. Please check with our office prior to your trip if you have any questions on clothing selection. For instance, some items we require in the spring, you will not need in the summer.

How can I improve my acclimatization to the High Desert environment?

Most climbers don’t realize being hydrated is one of the most important things climbers can do to prepare. By arriving well hydrated for your climbing day, you’ll have a much better time, and so will your muscles.

What kind of physical conditioning should I be doing to prepare?

Certainly, any type of aerobic exercise will help for the hike to and from the cliffs. Strength exercises in the gym will help, as well as a steady stretching regime. Climbing at a gym will help your strength and body movement skills prior to your day on the rock.

Medical Considerations:

If you have had a recent injury, illness, or surgery, or if you have a medical condition such as asthma or allergies to food or medications, you should consult with us as well as your physician before signing up for any trip. If there is any doubt as to your ability to participate in this activity, you should have a physical examination by a physician.

Personal Responsibility:

We make every effort to provide you with a successful climbing day. Climbing and mountaineering involve inherent risks that are beyond our control. You will assume the responsibility for many decisions affecting the safety of your trip. We do not assume liability for injuries or death. All participants are completely responsible for all medical and hospital costs associated with any injury, rescue or evacuation. You must sign a release form and go at your own risk.

Do I tip my guides?

While it is not required it is customary to tip your guide if you feel they did a standout job.